Mission Statement

Zeta Phi Alpha Philanthropic Sorority's mission is to continuously cultivate leadership, friendship, confidence, and strength by serving others and the community. We, the Diamonds, aspire to reach new heights for all women-related issues. As a service sorority, philanthropy is a significant aspect of being a Sister. For further information on our charitable work, visit the Philanthropy page.

We strongly promote success, independence, confidence, and commitment for women of all ethnicity through a diversity and companionship. Sisters of Zeta Phi Alpha take great pride in the ethnic variety, independence, and unity of our sisterhood: Each of us together as a whole. Together, we form a sisterhood unlike any other.

Brittany Willams, Venita Johnson, and Jennine Fowler on Founders Day 2017.

Our History

Zeta Phi Alpha was founded on May 4, 2007 by three young women, who wanted to find a way to provide a positive environment for their fellow female students at CUNY Hunter College. Brittany Williams, Venita Johnson, and Jennine Fowler thus created an organization that consists of strong legacy, friendship, and dedication to service.

Our organization is a local Service Sorority currently composed of two chapters. The first being at Hunter College and the second, which was founded in 2011 at Baruch College. Both chapters share the same belief in diversity, commitment, and philanthropy. Zeta Phi Alpha prides itself in looking for powerful, strong women who are passionate and devoted. Each Sister leans on the other for support but also stands strong individually. We are beautiful. We are strong. We are diamonds.

Zeta Phi Alpha Sisters are a group of driven, career-oriented, and dedicated young women. As active members of their communities, Zeta Phi Alpha Sisters strive to be positive examples for others.

The biggest difference between Zeta Phi Alpha and other sororities is our diversity. The Sisterhood consists of members from different communities , cultures, and religious affiliations. Here you are sure to find a wonderful group of girls that want to better themselves by helping others

Official Colors: Pink, Purple, and Teal

Official Mascots: Bee, Dolphin, and Dove

Official Gemstone: Diamond

​Official Flower: Pink Rose