Rush Information

What is Rush?

Rush season is a period when Zeta Phi Alpha actively seeks new members. It occurs at the beginning of every full length academic semester- Fall and Spring. We host open houses, tabling events, and interviews through which we get to meet potential new members and determine if we are the right sorority for them. Our events are non-binding so if you are unable to attend once you have RSVP'd, no need to worry. However in order to be considered for a bid, you must attend at least one event and an interview! It is not mandatory that you attend all the events, but it is highly recommended! Rush events serve as a way for you to ask questions, to meet sisters, and for them to become acquainted with you.

Be a Trailblazer. Only Originals Need Apply.

If you are interested in joining Zeta Phi Alpha or have any other questions in regards to rush, please get in contact with our Rush Chair at Be sure to include your name, email, college, GPA, and any other pertinent information you wish to share.

New Member Requirements:

In order to be considered for a bid and to maintain active membership, potential interests must have at least a 2.5 GPA and be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. The new member process will be during the duration of the term in which a potential has applied and been given a bid, from which they must attend weekly meetings.

Chapter Expansion

Zeta Phi Alpha runs open rush at the start of the Fall and Spring academic terms. If you are not enrolled in the institutions of our established chapters, you may still apply. If you are interested in starting a new chapter of Zeta Phi Alpha in your school, please reach out to our Executive Board at