Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

The sisters of Zeta Phi Alpha admire the devotion for your daughter, that you have shown by visiting our website.

As a currently local sorority, Zeta Phi Alpha is fast becoming a model example of what a sorority should be: a sisterhood made strong by her individual members, who are dedicated to developing themselves, enhancing the world around them, and who will be as dedicated to your daughter as you are.

Zeta Phi Alpha seeks diamonds- strong women who want to better themselves and the world around them. We do not wish to mold your daughter into someone who fits our standards, we want to create a space in our ever- growing sisterhood for your daughter’s unique traits and attributes. We believe in diversity, and are grateful for the experience that having unique sisters from all over the world grants us.

During her first few weeks at Zeta Phi Alpha, your daughter will participate in our pledging process, which is our way of educating potential new members. The process will focus on Zeta Phi Alpha’s history, personal development, community service, academic assistance and most important, helping your daughter decide if Zeta Phi Alpha is the right sisterhood for her. Zeta Phi Alpha does not tolerate hazing. We promise that at no point in the process will your daughter be harmed, degraded, or put at risk in any manner.

We are committed to providing your daughter with a balanced experience during her pledging process, and throughout her college career. We look forward to getting to know your daughter, and are excited at the prospect of having additional 'parents' of Zeta Phi Alpha. We encourage you to contact us at zetaphia@gmail.com for questions, and concerns.