Executive Board

President: Alexa "Mirasol"

Mirasol is currently a rising senior majoring in history and minoring in sociology. After she earns her undergraduate degree, she hopes to get a master's degree in social work and go to law school afterward. She works as a lead associate in three different fitness studios and absolutely loves helping people get started on their health and wellness journeys! In her spare time, she enjoys doing Pilates, playing guitar, and spending time with her loved ones. She hopes that our sorority will continue to grow in size, lend a helping hand in our communities, and serve as a safe space for ambitious, young women.

Vice President & Alpha Journey Mistress: Mayesha "Belle"

Belle’s major is Media Studies with a Concentration in Emerging Media. Her hobbies include painting and dancing. She hopes to have a great school year while maintaining her Eboard position. She is proud of being really social person and she hopes that our org will be a great way for girls to network with people throughout the city.

Treasurer: Kyla "Elira"

Elira is a part of the Alpha-Beta class of the Alpha chapter here at zphia and she is thrilled to have met such wonderful and headstrong women! She hopes that our organization will continue to grow alongside our dedication to philanthropy. She comes from a family of immigrants and is proud of her Ecuadorian-Panamanian roots. She is undecided yet on her major, but she is greatly interested in Political Science and History. She enjoys reading, writing, painting, and listening to music. She tells us to "Rock on!"

Secretary: Lucia "Sherry"

Sherry is a Film major, concentrating on Film Production. She is currently a Junior. She would like to be either a cinematographer or a sound designer when she graduates. She likes to listen to her music, as well as going to the movies and hanging out with friends. She is a music buff as well as a movie buff. She is excited to see what this year holds!


Bylaws Chair: Julia "Venus"

Venus is currently Bylaws Chair. She graduated with her Bachelors and Masters degrees from John Jay College. She currently working for the Department of Homeland Security. When she isn’t working, she enjoys hanging out with sisters and friends, going to the gym and exploring. She also enjoys crafting with her circuit machine. She’s always ready to make people laugh and have fun. She crossed Fall 2020. Since crossing, ZPA has given her a home to be herself. ZPA as a sisterhood has allowed her to gain a support system from all walks of life.

Vice Bylaws Chair & Web Mistress (Alpha): Camryn "Topaz"

Topaz is currently the Vice Bylaws Chair and the Alpha Web Mistress for Zeta Phi Alpha. Her major is Childhood Education and Psychology and she hopes to become a Special Education teacher in an elementary school one day. When she's not in school, she works at her local Trader Joes out on Long Island. Within the sorority, she loves attending all events from social to service and catching up with her line sisters. Her hobbies include drawing, singing, watching Netflix (such as watching anime, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Orange is the New Black!) and riding bikes. She crossed in the Fall of 2021 and is so grateful that Zeta Phi Alpha has allowed her to meet so many empowered women and has allowed her to create long lasting friendships. She is excited to watch the sorority flourish this year and welcome potential new members!

Inspector: Christie "Clementine"

Clementine is a Medical Laboratory Science major who is on the pre-med track hoping to become an oncologist one day. When she is not studying, she loves hanging out with her line sisters and catching up with them about their day. During her free time, she enjoys reading fantasy books and drawing portraits of people. She also loves going to parks to relax and enjoys nature. She became a sister in the Fall of 2021, and this has allowed her to meet so many amazing people. She hopes that Zeta Phi Alpha continues to bring women of all walks of life together and that the sisterhood continues to flourish.

All Others

Rush Chair: Adrianna "Cassia"

Cassia is the Zeta Phi Alpha Rush Chair for the 2022-2023 school year. Her major is Public Health with a minor in Environmental Studies. She loves doing beach clean ups, diving, shopping and exploring. She is excited for the year to come!

Journey Mistress 2: Naia "Alma"

Alma is currently a junior at Hunter College majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in computer science and business! She currently works as an executive assistant to a team of real estate brokers because she earned her real estate license back in 2021! She has a number of hobbies, which includes sewing, doing makeup and photography. While she doesn't always have tremendous time on her hands to pursue her hobbies she tries to fit them in here and there :) She crossed into ZPA in the Spring of 2022. She hopes that the sorority will continue to flourish and maintain the values it holds. She is looking forward to meeting new potential members!

Web Mistress (Beta) : Dana "Mariposa"

Mariposa is a sophomore at Hunter College and is working on her bachelors degree in psychology with a concentration in general psychology. Her spirit animal is a butterfly which correlates with her sister name ‘Mariposa’ as it’s the Spanish translation for butterfly. Currently she is our Beta Web Mistress for ZPA, and is working alongside our other sisters to bring a light to our sorority and what we stand for.

Philanthropy Chair: Layla "Jade"

Jade is a junior at Hunter College. She is majoring in social work and minoring in political science. In her free time she enjoys volunteering, watching movies, reading manga, and traveling across the world. She aspires to be a social worker and wants to empower others. She also has an adorable cat named Loki that she absolutely adores! She is very optimistic about the great things to come this year here at Zeta Phi Alpha!

Social Chair: Alicia "Avelana"

Sister Avelana is the social chair of Zeta Phi Alpha. She is a graduate of Hunter College, class of 2022. She majored in Media Studies with a concentration in TV Production and Documentary. Her interests include traveling, dancing, and meeting new people. Her dream job is to be a camera operator in the entertainment industry.

Events Chair: Karen "Aspen"

Aspen is a senior at Hunter College and she is also a recent transfer from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She has always been interested in Law and Pre-Med, but when she started working with children with special needs, she discovered a new passion. Now Aspen aspires to work with children as a kindergarten teacher as well as a speech pathologist working with children, stroke and cancer patients, and many more. Aspen is very adventurous and outgoing. She loves exploring new places and trying new things. Joining Zeta Phi Alpha has been one of the best decisions Aspen has made since coming to Hunter! She hopes for the sorority to grow and to gain many more new sisters along the way!"

Historian: Emily "Elysia"

Elysia is about to enter her third year here at Hunter. She is double majoring in math and childhood education in order to become a middle school teacher. She loves working with kids and is inspired by all they have to offer! She joined ZPA that way she could become more involved in community service as well as making long lasting friendships. Her favorite hobbies include traveling, listening to music, and going out to eat with friends.

Stroll Captain: Sara "Lila"

Lila is currently an active alumna. She has served the sorority since Fall 2016 and continues to advise her fellow sisters and help where she can. She currently works media and has a strong background in public relations. Everyone knows of her love for pigs and she's always up for karaoke. Lila hopes her beloved sorority will continue to uplift women and the community!