Executive Board

President: Naia "Alma"

Alma is currently a senior at Hunter College majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in computer science and business! She is a JFEW policy scholar as well as a PSSP public service scholar and a Cooperman business fellow at Hunter College. She earned her real estate license back in 2021 and briefly worked in the field before pursuing other, more policy-orientated internships. She has a number of hobbies, which includes fashion design, cosmetology, and photography. While she doesn't always have extra time on her hands to pursue her hobbies she tries to fit them in here and there :) She crossed into ZPA in the Spring of 2022 and has many plans as ZPA's newest president. She is confident that this will be a great year for ZPA and is looking forward to meeting all new potential members!  

Vice President: Adrianna "Cassia"

Cassia's major is Public Health with a minor in Environmental Studies. During her free time, she loves to travel, read, shop, and spend time with her loved ones. One fun fact about her is that she is a certified scuba diver.


Treasurer: Dylan "Celeste"

Celeste is a senior at Hunter College majoring in psychology. She is really into makeup and would absolutely love to work with reputable brands in the future! Celeste enjoys traveling and going for long walks. She is super excited for this year and cannot wait to work with all the other wonderful ladies with positions! 

Secretary: Christie "Clementine"

Christie Coissy is a Medical Laboratory science major, with hopes of applying to medical school to become a doctor. During her free time, she loves to read, sketch portraits, visit parks, and listen to music. She joined Zeta Phi Alpha in her sophomore year of college because at Hunter it was extremely hard to make friends especially when classes were mostly online. Now, because of the sorority, she made lifelong friends and is making lots of memories with them. For the sorority, she hopes to continue the legacy by creating a community that is just as welcoming as the way she found it. She wants future girls coming in to have the same opportunity to build lifelong friendships as she did. 


Bylaws Chair: Layla "Jade"

Layla "Jade" is our Head Bylaws chair for the 2023-24 school year. She is majoring in social work with a minor in political science. She also works with Hunter admissions giving tours around campus and interns at Medgar Evers College. Her hobbies include volunteering, thrifting, traveling, hanging with friends, and trying new foods. In the new academic year, she hopes to grow the sorority and introduce more girls to the beauty of Zeta Phi Alpha. 

Vice Bylaws Chair & Inspector: Melany "Heaven"

Melany "Heaven" is our current inspector and vice bylaws chair for the 2023-24 school year. Melany's major is economics with a minor in film. Some of her hobbies are painting, drawing, reading, etc. She currently works in retail, and hopes to continue to see the sorority grow. Within her role as vice bylaws she is able to help come up with solutions to solve issues within the sority. As sisters, it is important to avoid disputes in order to foster a peaceful sisterhood. She beliefs that with this instructive quality, she could closely supervise the rules and expectations for her fellow sisters and herself. 

All Others

Rush Chair: Maddy "Cypress"

Maddy is a junior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, majoring in forensic psychology. Some of her hobbies include reading and painting. Maddy also loves to go out and try new things. Currently, she works for TGI Fridays hostessing. Maddy's hope for the sorority is to continue our service to the community!

Head Journey Mistress:  Chowannie "Phoenix"

Chowannie is a Gemini who majors in Developmental Psychology. On her off time she models for fun. Chowannie also enjoys doing a lot of life-changing advocacy work regarding foster youth. She hope's to become a Child Development Specialist. But in the meantime, you can catch her giving back to the community with my fellow sisters.

Journey Mistress #2: Michell "Felicity"

Michell is a Junior at Hunter College majoring in Psychology. She enjoys reading, shopping, listening to music, and exploring new places in her free time. Michell is very excited for this year to grow bonds with the sisters as well as give back to the community. She hopes to make a positive impact and give other women a safe space to grow. 

Philanthropy Chair: Karen "Aspen"

Karen "Aspen" is our current service/philanthropy chair within Zeta Phi Alpha. She loves having this position as she is very passionate about philanthropy and helping those in need. Karen has recently graduated from Hunter College, but plans on continuing her studies by pursuing a master's degree. Outside of school she teaches K-5, loves traveling, and doing beach cleanups!

Social Chair: Maya "Carnelian"

Maya Lynn Khan is our Social Chair for the 2023-2024 school year. Maya crossed Fall '22. She is an art major at Hunter College and plans to get her masters in Art Education in order  to become an Art Teacher. Currently, she is a server at a restaurant in midtown Manhattan and has been working there for over a year now. For fun she loves to hang out with her friends nd go to the gym. Maya also likes to paint and read when she has free time. During her time being active in Zeta Phi Alpha, she wants to expand our name and establish strong connections with other greek organizations. 

Events Chair: Cayla "Xamira"

Cayla is majoring in Psychology at Hunter College. She absolutely loves horror movies, mamma mia, twilight, and thrifting. She loves to spend time with her family and friends. For work, she does holiday photos around Christmas time and she loves it. Cayla hopes to see ZPA continue to grow and she'd love to make stronger bonds with all her lovely Diamonds this school year.  

Historian: Emily "Elysia"

Emily is entering her fourth year at Hunter College. She is double majoring in mathematics and childhood education. Emily enjoys working with children and is inspired by all they have to offer. She hopes that the sorority continues to grow and to maintain its philanthropic values. Emily's favorite hobbies include traveling, trying different food places with friends, listening to music, and playing volleyball. 

Web Mistress (Alpha):Dana "Mariposa"

Dana is a Junior at Hunter College and is working on her bachelor's degree in Psychology with a concentration in general psychology with a minor in Sociology. Her spirit animal is a butterfly which correlates with her sister name "Mariposa" as it’s the Spanish translation for butterfly. Currently, she is our Alpha Web Mistress for ZPA, and is working alongside our other sisters to bring a light to our sorority and what we stand for. 

Web Mistress (Beta): Mariana "Adelina"

Mariana is a Junior at Hunter College where she is majoring in Sociology with a concentration in policy and insitutions: Family, Education Health and Social work; and double minoring in Human Rights and Psychology. She is very passionate about giving back to the community, she volunteers with the LGBT center where she takes intakes in english and spanish to direct clients to legal providers at the LGBT Bar NY legal clinic. She also does food and clothing drives for immigrants in her community. She joined ZPA because she wanted to be surrounded by strong and passionate women who make long-lasting friendships. 

Stroll Captain: Sara "Lila"

Lila is currently an active alumna. She has served the sorority since Fall 2016 and continues to advise her fellow sisters and help where she can. She currently works media and has a strong background in public relations. Everyone knows of her love for pigs and she's always up for karaoke. Lila hopes her beloved sorority will continue to uplift women and the community!